Translation, Transcription, On-site Interpreting or Telephone Conferences for Financial Firms

Baystate Interpreters, Inc. understand that our financial clients require documents, presentations, meetings and speeches in multiple languages.   These services are needed regularly and often with little notice.  Our company is designed to provide high quality serves with clear and direct communications to ensure we can deliver the products and services when and where they are needed.

Companies often require a multilingual approach if they expect to expand globally. The introduction of new services and the cultivation of positive business relationships with your own employees in other countries or the prospective clients you hope to earn.

Financial Expertise
Translation of Reports, Balance Sheets & Income Statements

Baystate Interpreters, Inc has the right mix of linguistic professionals and an abundance of experiencein the financial industry to get your message across clearly in multiple languages.

Our  linguists are available in 150 languages and dialects and have experience with the translation of financial documents and materials.

Interpreting Negotiations, Seminars & Counseling Sessions

Baystate Interpreters, Inc has professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreters who have fanancial degrees and full and complete fluency in financial terminology for events of all sizes, including but not limited to annual general meetings, financial seminars, advisory board meetings, shareholder meetings and loan interviews.

Our services are planned to accomidate all venue sizes, multiple language needs that will be spoken, available positional locations, equipment suited for the environment so not to disrupt or distract participants.  Baystate Interpreters, Inc. prides ourselves on our preparation for each appointment.  Our staff will review the schedule and address questions proactively to ensure that your event is a success.

Transcription of Board Meetings, Speeches & Presentations

If you need a transcription in one or multiple voices Baystate Interpreters, Inc offers on-time, on-budget transcription services.

We accept more than 20 recorded formats, including CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, MP3 files and WAV files.

Value-Added Services for Financial Firms

Baystate Interpreters, Inc. has a decade of experience providing financial conference services through out the U.S.

Baystate Interpreters, Inc and our affiliates offer simultaneous interpreting equipment and conference equipment, including wireless headsets, soundproof booths, projectors, voting systems and microphones.

Our professional audio engineers install and maintain the equipment so your company does not have the liability or responsibility during an event.  Our services can be structured to fit our clients needs from a fully managed solutions to a la carte specific. We also provide videography and on-site recording services so you don’t miss a moment of the conference.

We will tailor a solution to meet your requirements with our comprehensive approach to professional language solutions.

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Our focus on quality and customer service has made Baystate Interpreters, Inc one of the most trusted names in language services.

Let us show you why clients small and large trust Baystate Interpreters, Inc for translation, interpreting and our full range of language services.

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Financial Expertise


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