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Baystate Interpreters, Inc. continues to expand throughout the U.S.. Our diversification strategy has allowed us to serve corporations, organizations and governments locally around the world.  We specialize in Interpreting, translation, transcription, conference, training and development, sales and marketing, telephone conference and voice-over services.  Our team is built on professional values, ethics and cultural awareness.  Successful applicants will share those characteristics and support them with education, training and experience.  It is this combination that our clients depend on and that will continue to guide our company. 

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Baystate currently has open positions for freelance interpreters and translators throughout the U.S. for professional interpreters with education, experience and training in healthcare, legal, financial, technology, software, sales & marketing.  If you reside within 30 miles of the following cities, we have immediate work opportunities for qualified applicants: New York, NY - Chicago, Il - Tampa, Fl - Boston, MA - Springfield, MA - Atlanta, GA - Washington, DC - Philadelphia, PA

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Audio engineers, Software specialist, web designers and database developers

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Training and development:

Baystate has immediate openings in our human resource department for experienced trainers and developers.  Please submit your resume and credentials to

Top 5 Language Careers

Careers in languages are on the rise. If you’re considering majoring in a foreign language, you’ve got plenty of specializations to choose from!

With the continual expansion of the global market, the demand for individuals fluent in more than one language is only becoming greater.

Not sure what language career is right for you? Here are the top five specializations available to you:

5) Government

Have you always wanted to work for the FBI? With a foreign language degree, you can! Government agencies need many federal, state and city documents translated–which makes plenty of language career options available. The FBI, for example, needs professionals that are proficient in a wide variety of languages both on a contract and permanent basis.

4) News

Are you looking for a language career in a news agency? Studying another language pays off with this language career — you get to travel the world while doing what you love! You can be a foreign correspondent — a journalist or commentator who communicates information to newspapers, radio or television while stationed in a foreign country.

3) Medicine

With the rapidly increasing waves of immigration in the United States, more and more language careers with this  specialization are needed! A strong foundation in medical terminology is especially important for the medical language industry. If that’s your specialization, make sure you know all the proper terms–it could save lives!

2) Corporate

As industries grow and expand globally, corporations need skilled language professionals to help advertise their products overseas. This language career requires specialized linguists for the translation and localization of products or services.

1) Film

If you want to specialize in film, make sure you know the proper behind-the-scenes terminology! Professionals with language careers–translators, interpreters, voice over talent, proofreaders and editors–are all needed in order to communicate with other parts of the world.

Professional language companies like Baystate Interpreters, Inc. are always looking for experienced linguists to work in various fields–ranging from medicine to finance to law.

With some hard work, you could make your language career in the field you’re most passionate about!

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