On-Site Interpreting

Qualified interpreters not only render the words of one language into another, but also illuminate the feeling and intent behind those words.

Baystate Interpreters, Inc provides prompt, professional and prepared interpreters for all of your language needs.  We offer over 10 years of experience developing one of the largest professional pools of language specialists to serve the medical and legal community.  Through education, training and experience our staff is specialized to deliver professional language services to the healthcare industry, legal community,financial institutions and businesses throughout the U.S..

Baystate Interpreters, Inc. has identified more than 15,000 qualified interpreters in the United States alone. Our company has been reaching out to these professionals for over 10 years.  Our business relationships with national organizations such as the American Translators Association(ATA), International Medical Interpreters Association(IMIA), New York Circle of Translators, California Healthcare Interpreting Association(CHIA) and many others have driven our business to serve locations across the U.S. and beyond.  Baystate Interpreters, Inc can provide you with consecutive, simultaneous and telephone conference interpreters when and where you need them. 

The interpreters of Baystate Interpreters, Inc. are known by their peers as industry leaders and are respected for their contributions to the interpreting industry.  Many of our interpreters have the education, training and experience healthcare facilities depend on to manage patient services departments.  We are proud that our staff is recognized for their accomplishments and some have gone on to manage those same departments.

If you are conducting a seminar, meeting, deposition, medical examination or sensitive business negotiation, we have an interpreter who meets your language and subject needs. If you are a hospital with less common foreign language needs and/or complex language requirements, please call or email and request information for Baystate Healthcare Services(BHS). 

Consecutive, Simultaneous & Telephonic Interpreting

Baystate Interpreters, Inc has provided interpreting services for groups ranging from 3 to 5,000 people. Our interpreters are available in more than 150 languages and dialects and have the skills that best match the setting and context of our clients’ needs.

Consecutive interpreting Most often is is used for small groups and one-on-one situations, including interviews, parent-teacher conferences, depositions and medical consultations. 

This type of interpreting is ideal for both informal and formal settings. Typically, this type of service is preferred in most healthcare environments including pre and post opt, emergency care, pt/ot, mental health, psychiatric evaluations, etc..

Simultaneous interpreting is primarily used in formal group settings, including diplomatic conferences, conventions, courtrooms, meetings, tours and seminars.  It can also be used for some medical appointments depending on the preference of a physician.

It is “simultaneous” because the linguist interprets the spoken word from the source language into a target language in real time while the speech or presentation is in progress. The interpretation is transmitted to all listeners at once, often via special headsets.

This type of interpreting frequently requires sophisticated equipment, including soundproof booths and wireless receivers.

Telephonic interpreting is also offered by Baystate Interpreters, Inc. Telephonic interpreting saves the need for arranging an interpreter on site, especially in remote locations or in emergency situations.  Baystate provides 24/7 telephone conference services in a moments notice.  Users are provided an access pin number and an interpreter will be brought onto the call within 1-2 minutes.

Unfortunately, this is the least precise form of interpreting, in part because it excludes non-verbal communication. When interpreters cannot see the person speaking and/or the telephone experiences call degradation context and meaning are not always maintained at the same level as on-site service ensures.

Value-Added Conference Interpreting Services

Baystate Interpreters, Inc provides conference services, including equipment and professional audio engineers, for small gatherings as well as conferences for thousands participants.

Conference equipment, including overhead projectors, voting booths and audiovisual systems, are available for sale or rental. We also install conference equipment (such as wireless receivers, soundproof booths and other simultaneous interpreting equipment) for permanent venues.

In addition, our professional audio engineers can set up and maintain audiovisual equipment and record your proceedings onsite.

If your language needs extend beyond interpreting, Baystate Interpreters, Inc offers:

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With professional linguists throughout the US and around the world, you’ll get optimal interpreting services when and where you need them. Our experience and committment to major law firms, hospitals, government offices and other businesses and individuals has made Baystate Interpreters, Inc an industry leader since 2001.

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