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Professional Translations

When you require an accurate translation, professionally prepared and delivered when and where you need it, you can rely on our translation experience and multi-format expertise. Since 2001 we have set the industry standard for superior translation and related services. No project is too large or too small. Our staff will gather the required information, assign a project manager and get your translation started immediately.

Experts in Legal, Financial, Medical & Technical Fields

Our translators are accredited,  they are leaders in the industry and combined they provided 100's of years of experience in translation.  There are very few projects that we have not had experience translating.  Our on-site consultants can answer your questions to ensure that we can meet or exceed your expectations. Our team combines education, training and expertise to deliver high quality accurate translations you and your team can depend on.

Our clients include many leading law firms, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, manufacturers and high-tech firms. In addition to the US government, Our linguists routinely translate documents such as training manuals, marketing materials,patents for medical and technology companies.  Here in the U.S. we are fortunate to have the best hospitals in the world.  Baystate Interpreters, Inc. is proud to provide patient medical record translation for our international clients coming to the U.S. for life saving treatment.

Our certified translations meet and exceed the exacting legal standards of government agencies and professional organizations throughout the US and around the world.  Our medical translations meet all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Public Law 104-191.


School & Educational Translation

Baystate Interpreters, Inc.  will  work with you to provide high quality educational translation and interpretation services. Our translations are completed by well trained and tested professional translators.  We do not use computerized translation software.  Our team will work with your team to complete each project ontime and within budget.  We quote all translation services based on the English word count. This provides transparent pricing before any project is initiated.  

Schools will often provide Individual Education Plans for LEP students and families.  This information may contain sensitive or confidential information.  Baystate provides secure encrypted server access that exceeds all current regulations/laws.  With user specific credentials, you can upload and download files securely.

We provide all document and form translations including:

  • School Notices
  • Student Evaluation Interpreting
  • School Handbooks
  • School Policy Guides
  • Curriculum Guides
  • Parent Notifications
  • IEP Documents (Individual Educational Plan)
  • Parent / Teacher Communications
  • Parent  / Teacher Conference Interpreting
  • Report Cards
  • Progress Reports
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas

Educational Communications

We know that educational communications are designed for the average family and Baystate translators write specifically to this audience. All the information needs to be translated accurately for the community we serve together. School translations need to be written with care and compassion but also with a certain degree of authority. We specialize in localization projects when requested.  Localization – translation appropriate to geographic and linguistic context. Need French for Quebec? Spanish for immigrant communities from the Caribbean basin? Not sure whether traditional or simplified Chinese would be best? Wherever necessary, we tailor our translations to the regions or communities that make up your audiences.

Our Linguists have worked with children and know to be sensitive to the material while at the same time respecting the quality of the communication. Baystate linguists are trained to understand that the material is sensitive and needs to be handled with restraint. We respect the confidentiality of all documents, forms, communications, and conferences.

Value-Added Translation for Marketing, Advertising & PR

Baystate Interpreters, Inc Services has the talent and flexibility to meet the unique language needs of advertising agencies and PR firms with a full range of translation services. We are staffed with industry professionals to guide your project from start to finish.  Baystate understands the importants that proper communication brings to these targetted services.

When you reach out to the international consumer in another country or from a different culture, you need a consistent message delivered in a familiar tongue.  We provide translated advertising materials and websites, while our localization specialists provide custom designed graphics for your documents, billboards, banners, websites and other projects all for a specific audience.

If you have a presentation, corporate tutorial, documentary or any multimedia project intended for speakers of another language, our voice over and subtitling professionals are available in more than 150 languages, dialects and accents to prepare your script and to translate your copy.

Baystate Interpreters comprehensive graphic design services give your project, presentation, handbook or questionnaire a professional look by formatting it in the layout that best meets your needs.

Certified Translations


Baystate Interpreters, Inc provides authenticated translations to turn your translations into a certified documents accepted by governments and organizations throughout the US.

The translators of Baystate Interpreters, Inc attest to the accuracy of your translation and each page is sealed to diminish the possibility of fraud. 


Rush and Same-Day Translation

If you have a time-sensitive project, priority same-day translations are available upon request.

If you have press releases, brochures, personal documents or other copy, you’ll get a quality translation that meets both your requirements and your deadline.

If you have been tasked with the responsibility of providing a document or file translation, allow our seasoned professionals to offer recommendations to ensure your project meets and exceeds the expectations of your team.

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