Transcription From 20+ Formats

Accurate & Reliable Transcription Services

  • Formats transcribed include cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CDs, MP3 files and WAV files
  • Expertise in legal, medical, technical, financial, marketing & business subjects
  • Personalized Service by our transcriptionists, project managers and service executives

Transcription Services

If you require an accurate, reliable and convenient transcription service. Please consider Baystate Interpreters for your file.  We will provide you a simple and fast solution that our clients depend on. 

Our experienced transcriptionists have made Baystate Interpreters, Inc the best transcription agency of choice for 1,000′s of satisfied businesses, organizations and individuals throughout the US since 2001.  Our skilled staff will deliver your file on-time everytime.

Specializing in Legal, Medical, Technical & Business Fields

The transcriptionists of Baystate Interpreters, Inc are assigned work based on their specific expertise in the subject field as well as their linguistic skills.

Official Certification requirements are provided by Baystate Interpreters, Inc. of transcriptions of evidentiary tapes, consensual recordings, depositions and other files that might be or will be needed in the courtroom or other legal proceedings.

Transcriptions for healthcare providers or consumers including doctors, hospitals, clinics or independant medical exams are performed by professional transcriptionists familiar with medical and legal vocabulary. This results in a higher quality, reliable transcription that our clients expect with each new request.

We have an adbundance of experience providing transcription services used in technical fields such as architecture, biology, chemistry, environmental sciences and engineering. In addition, some companies rely on Baystate Interpreters, Inc for transcriptions and on-site recordings of conferences, board meetings, lectures, public hearings, seminars, etc..

Transcription From 20+ Analog and Digital Formats

Whatever the format of your recording, chances are that Baystate Interpreters, Inc not only accepts it but also has extensive experience working with that type of file, disc or tape.

We work with analog tapes, including regular micro or mini cassettes and VHS tapes.

We also accept more than a dozen media and digital files, including the most common audio and video formats: CDs, DVDs, DVCAMs, Blu-Ray discs and MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, DSS, MSV and AIF files.

Priority Transcriptions

Baystate Interpreters, Inc understands that time is of the essence regardless of your profession.  That’s why we offer priority services for all transcriptions.  Please contact us anytime you need your job completed with little or no notice.

Value-Added Transcription Services

Baystate Interpreters, Inc has the professional staff to meet all of your transcription needs. We will provide you with the service and support to ensure all transcriptions are delivered when and where they are needed.

If your transcript in a language other than English? We can translate transcripts and other documents and we transcribe recordings in more than 150 languages and dialects. Baystate transcriptionists, interpreters and translators are specialists in the fields of law, medicine, science, finance and technology. They are professionals with specialized know in their area.  It is this knowledge combined with years of experience that our clients have seen work for them for the past 10 years.

If you want to transform your transcripts or their translations into legal documents, your documents can be certified as often required by government agencies and professional organizations throughout the US.  Legal professionals can request certified transcriptions and certified translations of court proceedings, pre-trial conferences, depositions and surveillance tapes, police reports, etc..

Our technicians and professional audio engineers can provide conference services and on-site recordings of your lectures, seminars,  training and other proceedings. Our experienced transcriptionists are often tested with unique challenges such as creating a transcript that includes multiple voices. Our advanced audio technologies include the ability to conference in multiple language interpreters and translators to simultaneously provide a transcription for the most diverse needs.  Some advanced services do require notice and planning to ensure all expectations are met.

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Thousands of clients already trust Baystate Interpreters reputation for quality and service when every word counts. Please consider us if you require any of the services we offer, we guarantee you will be pleased with your decision.

Fill out our online form today to get your FREE, no-obligation price quote, or call our national service center toll free at 1-888-663-8000 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to discuss your transcription needs.

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