Technical Language Services in 150+ Languages & Dialects

Tech Companies need a language service they can trust with their highly specialized communications.   

Education is at the foundation of our Technical Translation and Interpretation Team.  Training is provided in many areas we serve, technical Translations and Interpretations do not come with a training manual.  Our clients depend on years of expertise with a well pair educational back ground.  This education should derrive from the target language to guarantee that the complex specialized knowledge used in the project is Translated or Interpreted at the same level.

Since 2001, manufacturers, researchers and engineers in the science and technology industry have trusted Baystate Interpreters, Inc for professional translation, interpreting and transcription services in more than 150 languages and dialects.

Science & Technology

Translation of Patents, Manuals and Catalogs

Depending on what type of scientific or technical document translation you require, Baystate Interpreters, Inc will pair your project with a translator who has the knowledge and experience needed to deliver the copy accurately in the language or languages requested.  We know that our clients  have supervisors and senior management depending on them to select the right company for the project.  A company that will deliver the project print ready, error free, on-time and on budget.  Baystate provides CE approval translation as well as UL translations to meet compliance requirements in the U.S. and abroad.  We we are committed to  meet and exceed our clients expectations. 

Our team of translators include linguists with expertise translating patents and other text in several scientific and technical fields, including: manufacturing, information technology, engineering, analysis, CAD and CE Marking, European Trade Passport, prototype.

Interpreting Interviews, Conventions, Seminars & Meetings

If you need one interpreter for a small meeting or multiple interpreters speaking several languages for a large conference, Baystate Interpreters, Inc provides scientific and technical interpreting services throughout the US. 

We offer consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting for events, workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings. We also provide telephonic interpreting when you need a linguist available 24/7 anywhere at anytime.

Transcription of Presentations, Forums & Seminars

When you require a verbatim written record of your proceeding, the professional transcription services of Baystate Interpreters, Inc can meet your needs and your deadline.

We accept recordings in more than 20 analog, digital and electronic formats. The transcriptionists of Baystate Interpreters, Inc specialize in recordings with just one voice and those with multiple voices.

Priority Service is available so you can exceed your clients needs as we do.

Value-Added Services for Scientific & Technical Firms

If you are responsible to plan a meeting, conference or other gathering, review our conference services to better understand how we can earn your confidence with our planning and organizational procedures that chart the course for all to follow.

In addition to our language services, we offer conference equipment and simultaneous interpreting equipment, including microphones, projectors, wireless receivers and soundproof booths.

Our experienced audio engineers can even install and maintain the equipment and/or record your event on-site. Our consultants work with Hotel and Convention Center engineers pro-actively so equipment and services are ready when you are.

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