Our Clients

The clients of Baystate Interpreters, Inc. are vast, our clients include federal and state government, healthcare, financial institutes, law firms, technology companies, insurers and many others.  Our client list is confidential and our customers know that before they will receive any reference calls regarding our service, we will speak with them and be sure we do not impose or inconvenience them in any way. Our clients understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality and only if approved will their name or any part of the business we share be used for referral material.  Baystate will provide written and/or verbal references to any company that is considering working with our team. Our references will be of similar size and share similar language and conference needs. 

Personalized Service

Baystate Interpreters believes in personalized services and will schedule a meeting with your team to review and discuss our services and the needs your company have. These meetings can be in person or via video conference.


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Please contact Baystate Interpreters, Inc. if your organization requires prompt, professional services you can depend on. Call 888-663-8000 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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