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  • 24/7 Service for confirmation calls, emergency communications, pre or post operation instructions
  • No Equipment Needed  dial our number from any telephone and because conference in within 2 minutes
  • Cost Effective Solution flat rate per minute cost makes it affordable for all
Telephone Conference Calling

Baystate Telephone conference services can provide your team immediate access to more than 150 languages and dialects .  Telephone services work best for short communications such as appointment confirmations, instructions or emergency notifications for hospitals, schools and organizations with LEP clients and students.  Some clients require a fully integrated solution including professional conference equipment and our professional audio engineers.

Our professionals have an abundance of experience in providing international and multi-language telephone conferences for the healthcare industry, legal, technology, financial and scientific fields.  Our interpreters are trained in providing telephone conference services.  Baystate Interpreters conference bridge is amplified to limit or remove all voice degridation to ensure high quality reliable communications.

Global Access: Anywhere any time

Telephonic interpreting from Baystate Interpreters, Inc puts the world at your fingertips, bridging communications quickly and efficiently.

Connect from any phone — More than 2,500 qualified telephonic interpreters provide clear, accurate communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With interpreters fluent in more than 150 languages and dialects, Baystate brings the world to you in seconds, not hours.

Speak with Experts — Our expert interpreters come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including the medical, legal, insurance, industrial and corporate fields. Whether you need assistance communicating with a hospital patient, business associate, attorney or emergency service provider, Baystate telephonic interpreters delivers a professional, accurate interpretation anytime and everytime.

No Specialized Equipment Necessary — Telephonic interpreting can be performed with the equipment you already have: a speakerphone, a conference call, or simply by passing a single handset back and forth between parties. For added convenience, high-volume customers can take advantage of dual-handset telephones.

Expedite Cross-Cultural Communication

Save Time with Easy Setup — To get started, simply call us at 1-888-663-8000 to register for telephonic interpreting services. We’ll provide you with a toll-free number and a unique PIN. Call the number, enter your PIN and provide the call coordinator with the language desired. An interpreter will be on the line soon — usually within 60 seconds!

Get the Interpreter You Need with Live Customer Service — Instead of relying on an automated system to match you to an interpreter, Baystate uses only live call coordinators. Every call is answered by a real person who connects you to a qualified interpreter in the language and area of expertise you specify.

Contact us now with any questions or to set up your telephone conference account.

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