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In 2001 Baystate Interpreters, Inc. was founded by Darrin Brooks.  Our business research indicated that in coming years there would be a growing need for professional language services.  There was also a lack of training and accountability within the industry.  The office was small, but the plans were not: To provide hospitals, law firms, government and other organizations in Massachusetts with professional, dependable interpreting, translation and transcription services. Our business plan called for all Interpreters and Translators to be trained and tested to ensure the highest quality of care and professionalism available.

It didn’t take long for our reputation for professionalism, reliability and convenience to spread. As business expanded, so too did our office. But one thing hasn’t changed: The pride Baystate Interpreters, Inc. takes in meeting the unique needs of our clients around the world. Our service team is incented to provide the highest quality customer care to those clients willing to trust Baystate with providing language access to the LEP communities.

We pioneered flat rate interpreter services, developed verification form requirements to ensure our people in the field are meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients and introduced team translations to accommodate the budgets and time-constraints of our clients. We are timely and cost effective. We’re on the industry forefront in the use of technologies to create more accurate, more consistent translations and to streamline our operations to ensure a competitive solution to the consumer while maintaining margins that allow us to add electronic security to protect patient/client information.  To build redundant networks and servers to allow access to our clients and vendors.

Baystate Interpreters, Inc. matches each project with a linguist who has a specialized vocabulary and background in medical, technical, financial, legal, marketing or another business field.

Our staff  includes an experienced attorney and accountant to provide international legal assistance, including service of process, evidence taking and execution of letters rogatory. We also certify documents for legal acceptance by governments and organizations throughout the US and around the world.

As businesses turned to technology, Baystate Interpreters, Inc. grew to include multimedia and conference services. Thousands of clients have come to rely on our voice overs, subtitles, graphic designs, audio enhancement, conference equipment and audio technicians.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinational firms and some of the world’s most recognized brands, but our linguists and account executives continue to provide services so personalized that individuals and businesses of all sizes feel like they are our sole priority.  That is built by design and embraces our countries past. 

The linguists of Baystate Interpreters, Inc have an abundance of experience in Healthcare, Medicine, Law, Engineering, Finance, etc.  We work with many Massachusetts State Agencies and serve all of the NorthEast.

Baystate Interpreters, Inc has the experience your want and the resources to support your foreign language needs.  For more information or to receive a FREE price quote, please contact our national service center today at 1-888-663-8000.

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I must say, I was absolutely enthralled with the translation of an extremely difficult entertainment contract. — Alex Reznik
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