Growing Language Needs

Foreign Language Academy Prepares for Spike in Demand for Assistance Opened up by the Obama Plan

KNOXVILLE, TN. – Foreign Language Academy, the leading provider of interpretation services in East TN, predicts a significant spike in demand for non-English language assistance to thousands of people who will incorporate into the health insurance system as a result of the Obama ad-ministration’s new health care reform. With the package now signed into law, limited-English speakers who were among those most affected by high health insurance costs, can now be expected to seek medical care and will require language interpretation services like those provided by our company.

Since the new plan will be fully implemented only in 2014, the demand for medical interpreting will increase gradually. This will give us time to get prepared and train the new work force. The languages for which interpreting will be in most demand are expected to be Spanish, Arabic, Kirundi, Vietnamese, and Konjobal, among others. On-site interpretation allows institutions to efficiently communicate with their customers via a professional interpreter.

Other key elements of the relief plan include tax credits for those at the lower income levels to help them to be able to afford it. The influx of new insured peo-ple is expected to drive down health insurance costs.

For many immigrants, health insurance will be a giant step to-wards the better life they seek in America. We are excited to help make that dream a reality in every language across East Tennessee.

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